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Mark Cuban Reveals His Proposal For The NBA Season

Mark Cuban resting his face on his arms at a Dallas Mavericks game.

LOS ANGELES CA - OCTOBER 29: Mark Cuban, owner of the Dallas Mavericks, follows the action from behind the bench during the third quarter of the basketball game against Los Angeles Clippers at Staples Center October 29, 2015, in Los Angeles California. (Photo by Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images)

Plenty of ideas have been floated around for the resuming of the 2019-20 NBA season. Mavericks’ owner Mark Cuban has a few ideas of his own. One of his proposals includes a play-in tournament to determine the final two seeds of the playoffs. 

Adam Silver is facing unprecedented circumstances in the face of a pandemic. The NBA season has been postponed for over two months now. But the league appears to be getting closer to figuring out a way to play out the rest of the season. 

But there’s still a few logistical issues the NBA needs to sort out, one of which being how to handle the rest of the regular-season. Cuban has a solution. 

The Mavericks’ owner wants to see the NBA schedule five to seven more regular-season games before utilizing a play-in tournament to determine the final two seeds of the playoffs. Cuban believes 20 teams should earn a right to make the playoffs, with seeds 16-20 playing each other in a play-in style contest. 

“In Cuban's proposal, the top 10 teams from both conferences would qualify for the postseason and be re-seeded based on record," writes ESPN writer Tim MacMahon. "There would be two play-in matchups -- either single games or a best-of-three series -- pitting seeds 17 vs. 20 and 18 vs. 19. The winners would advance to play the 15th and 16th seeds for the final spots in the playoff bracket.”

Not a bad idea - especially considering the circumstances. 

Teams battling for a final playoff spot are at a major disadvantage if the regular-season gets shortened - which will likely happen. 

Cuban’s proposal gives those teams an opportunity to play their way into the playoffs. Perhaps Silver and the NBA will utilize some of Cuban’s ideas.