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Dan Dakich Is Getting Crushed For His Criticism Of LeBron James

Dan Dakich and LeBron James.

This is a take.

LeBron James sat out of Wednesday night's loss at the Indiana Pacers. It was the second night of a back-to-back; Cleveland was in Toronto the night before. James is on-track to play more career minutes than anyone in NBA history and for six straight years he's basically played a season as long as possible with his trips to the NBA Finals.

So, sitting out of a pretty meaningless game in November for rest seems like something everyone would be OK with.


Dan Dakich, who hosts a show for 1070 The Fan and does college basketball analysis for ESPN, seems to have a big problem with James sitting out.

Dakich is a former basketball player himself, so it seems especially absurd that he would try and compare an athlete to someone in a completely different field like a teacher or a cop.

Does he also not understand why professional athletes typically only have careers that span, at most 15 years or so, while a teacher can be a teacher for 50 years?

You can read his full rant

LeBron needed rest..3 games 9 days..11th game of the year Couldn't have played in 1 class Indiana Tourney..2 games 1 day too much for him

— Dan Dakich (@dandakich) November 17, 2016