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Dawn Staley Calls Out Brittney Griner Situation: Fans React

Brittney Griner in the WNBA Finals

PHOENIX, ARIZONA - OCTOBER 10: Brittney Griner #42 of the Phoenix Mercury durring pregame warmups at Footprint Center on October 10, 2021 in Phoenix, Arizona. (Photo by Mike Mattina/Getty Images)

Brittney Griner remains in Russia.

The WNBA star, who was taken into custody at a Russian airport earlier this year when a vape pen was allegedly found in her bag, was arrested on drug trafficking charges.

Griner has been in Russian custody for several weeks now. Earlier this month, her detention was extended until at least May 19.

South Carolina head coach Dawn Staley is calling on the media to cover her story more frequently.

In the early stages of Griner's detention, many believed that keeping quiet would actually be good for her longterm. The idea was that making this into a political battle between the United States and Russia could be harmful.

However, the longer Griner remains in Russia, the more that looks like improper strategy.

Staley is calling on more attention.

"Like a lot of people I wasn't sure if it was in Griner's best interest to make this a public issue at first, but the US Government's decision to classify her as wrongfully detained seems to have green lit the movement to apply public pressure at home," ESPN's Mina Kimes wrote.

"Let’s do this!!!! Nothing else until BG is home!!!!!" another fan wrote.

"On it!!!" one fan added.

"Thiss !!!! The media is failing her!" one fan added on social media.

Let's get Brittney Griner home.