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Dennis Rodman Makes His Opinion On LeBron Very Clear

Dennis Rodman and Michael Jordan on the Bulls

26 May 1997: Forward Dennis Rodman of the Chicago Bulls argues with an official during a playoff game against the Miami Heat at the Miami Arean in Miami, Florida. The Heat won the game 87-80. Mandatory Credit: Andy Lyons /Allsport

Dennis Rodman played with arguably the NBA's greatest player ever in Michael Jordan.

The other player in the GOAT debate, LeBron James, came along after Rodman's peak playing days.

But Rodman believes LeBron would've been easy to lock up...

“He’s so f*cking easy to play, he doesn’t have any moves...” Rodman reportedly said.

Of course, that is pretty controversial.

While LeBron might not be as skilled of a one-on-one scorer as Jordan, he's been pretty unstoppable over the course of his NBA career.