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Drew Gooden Says LeBron James Once Said He'd Survive A Plane Crash

The former teammate of King James recalled the story on ESPN today.

Drew Gooden, a former LeBron James teammate, appeared on ESPN's Highly Questionable show today with Dan Le Batard and Bomani Jones (and Papi Le Batard).

During the interview, the former Kansas star was asked to recall his best LeBron story. Gooden played with James in Cleveland from 2004-08.

Gooden's story: LeBron once said he would survive a plane crash.


The Cavs' plane was apparently experiencing some turbulence and James started stuffing himself with pillows and blankets, saying he'd survive the crash.

"When I thought about it, I thought it was the dumbest thing I ever heard, but it was actually smart," Gooden said. "I can't put anything past this guy anymore."

LeBron's the craziest physical specimen the NBA has ever seen. Surviving a plane crash, though? That might be a reach.