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Watch TNT's Hype Video For Tonight's Durant-Westbrook Clash

Get excited for the first premier matchup of the NBA season with this cheesy (but awesome!) TNT hype video complete with Adele vocals.

Russell Westbrook and the Oklahoma City Thunder are traveling to Oakland tonight to take on Kevin Durant and his new team, the Golden State Warriors. It's not "just another game" for either side, no matter how much they try to play it off.

In anticipation of the matchup, TNT dropped this way-too-perfect-to-not-use-Adele-here hype video on Twitter.

Check it out:

Now, juxtapose that song with video of Russell Westbrook throwing down vicious dunks like this: ">

and this:


And you can see why using Adele was a little much.

At any rate, this game should be well worth tuning in for. The probability that Westbrook goes nuclear and tallies a triple-double is very high. He'll want to prove that he doesn't need Durant to take down a top team, and Durant will be looking to prove he made the right decision in leaving the Thunder with a stellar performance against his old squad.

You can catch the game tonight at 10:30 p.m. E.T. and it's being broadcast on TNT.