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ESPN Insider Has Update On Kyrie Irving, Lakers Interest

LeBron James and Kyrie Irving on the court.

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA - MARCH 09: LeBron James #23 of the Los Angeles Lakers handles the ball against Kyrie Irving #11 of the Boston Celtics in a game at Staples Center on March 09, 2019 in Los Angeles, California. (Photo by Cassy Athena/Getty Images)

Kyrie Irving is one of the top names on the NBA free agent market this offseason. The star point guard has been linked to a number of new teams, and could even opt to return to Boston.

Incredibly, there is even "a fighting chance" that the Los Angeles Lakers could land Irving, according to ESPN's Brian Windhorst. Considering the falling out he and LeBron James had at the end of their tenure in Cleveland, a reunion between the two seemed unlikely in the past.

However, it could happen, Windhorst said on Monday. Irving and James have improved their relationship over the last few months.

Kyrie will have no shortage of suitors, but the Lakers have a greater-than-zero chance of landing him.

“If you’d asked me six months ago, I would’ve said the door was closed and locked,” said Windhorst. “That was not going to happen. But over the last few months, there is no doubt that a thawing between Kyrie and LeBron, and Kyrie has become more open to joining the Lakers and has done some research on the organization. That said, with Magic leaving, that was a guy who he felt a great connection to. And with great opportunities in Brooklyn and New York, plus with Boston trying to keep him, I think the Lakers are lower on his list, but they’re on his list.

All of this is hearsay until free agency actually opens on July 1, but Kyrie and LeBron teaming up again is certainly a juicy storyline.

One thing is for certain: the Lakers are an absolute mess and they are going to need a massive offseason to change that. If LA doesn't sign some high-profile pieces to play alongside LeBron, 2019-20 will be another non-playoff season.

Hard to believe, but the Lakers last made the postseason in 2013.

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