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ESPN Insider Thinks Kevin Love Will Be Traded If The Cavs Are Swept

Cleveland will make a big change if this series doesn't turn around, says one ESPN insider.

A major change is coming to the Cavs' roster if they end up getting swept by the Warriors.

That's what ESPN insider and former Cleveland beat reporter Chris Haynes thinks, anyway.

Haynes appeared on The Dan Patrick Show today and was asked, "If the Cavs get swept, what happens?"

His answer: Kevin Love will be traded.

Haynes is obviously speculating here and not reporting it as fact, but he did cover the team for the Cleveland Plain-Dealer and reported earlier this year that a Carmelo Anthony-Kevin Love trade was being floated around by people in the league.

Trading for Anthony probably isn't the answer for Cleveland, but if the Cavs do get swept, some kind of change is probably coming.