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Everyone's Freaking Out About This Tweet Rachel DeMita Got After The Celebrity Game

Rachel Demita taking a layup.

The NBA's All-Star Game was on Sunday night. Team LeBron defeated Team Steph in a game that came down to the final play. It was surprisingly competitive - defense was actually played!

The league's All-Star Weekend features plenty of viral moments, but few - if any - were bigger than the one that occurred during the Celebrity Game. There was block heard around the world.

Rachel DeMita, one of the stars of the game, tried to shoot a layup late in the second half. She thought she had an open angle at the basket.

She was wrong. Very wrong.

Quavo, the game's MVP, came sprinting into the lane. He swatted DeMita's shot into the stands. It was, truly, the angriest, most-vicious block of the weekend.

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You can watch the play below:

DeMita took to Twitter after the game. She was a little sore.

Quavo has since responded, with a tweet that has been retweeted more than 20,000 times. Check it out:

A fan's response has been retweeted more than 1,000 times...

We're not sure if DeMita took Quavo up on the massage offer, but she did accept his apology.