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Everyone Is Falling For This Fake Adrian Wojnarowski Tweet

Adrian Wojnarowski appearing on ESPN.


A fake Adrian Wojnarowski tweet fooled everyone during the NBA Draft.

Ever since Paul George told the Pacers he intends to join the Lakers following the 2017-2018 season, rumors have been all over the place as to what will happen to George. Will he play out this year with the Pacers? Will he be traded to the Cavaliers? The Celtics? The Lakers?

So far, nothing has gained much traction.

And then a fake Adrian Wojnarowksi account went and tweeted this during the NBA Draft, sending the basketball world into a frenzy.

It's been retweeted more than 1,000 times.

Sports Illustrated ran with it, not bothering to notice that the account wasn't the real Woj, a respected basketball insider, but rather an imposter—@WojVerticalN8A. The real Wojnarowki's handle is @WojVerticalNBA.

A fake Woj tweet is fooling reporters.

Rich Eisen was fooled as well:

A fake Woj tweet on Twitter.

As were many, many others.

In this day and age, every online publication wants the scoop first, so it's not really surprising that this happened. News spreads fast on Twitter, and with every site trying to be the first on the scene, it often comes at the cost of accuracy and results in sloppy reporting.

The worst part of all of this? We are still not any closer to finding out what the heck is going on with Paul George.