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Fan Attendance At Pistons Home Games Is Hilariously Bad

No one wants to see the Pistons play in their new stadium, apparently.

Detroit and its citizens paid nearly a billion dollars for their new arena, but after two games, it appears no one wants to watch the Pistons play in it.

Here's what tip-off looked like at Little Caesars Arena yesterday when the Pistons took on the 76ers:

Not great. Sure, they were playing the 76ers, but that arena doesn't even look half full! And here are some more pictures of the near-empty building:

The Pistons currently sit near last place in the attendance rankings, despite giving away nearly 20,000 tickets (the stadium holds 21,000!) on opening night to fans.

As a team, the Pistons (2-2) aren't terrible, and they might contend for a playoff spot as the season goes on which might lead to an increase in attendance, but man, there's a long way to go. The new arena is not looking like a great investment.