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Former NBA Star Thinks He Hasn't Made Hall Of Fame Because Of Comments On Gay People

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Tim Hardaway put together an outstanding career in the NBA that lasted over a decade. However, the five-time All-Star still hasn't heard his name make it to the Hall of Fame.

Hardaway began his career with the Golden State Warriors, averaging 19.8 points and 9.3 assists per game in six seasons. Following his stint in the Western Conference, the former first-round pick went to the Miami Heat.

Although Hardaway didn't have great numbers for the Heat, he did become an instrumental piece to their backcourt. His legacy grew even more when his son made it to the NBA.

Tim Hardaway Jr. was excellent during his collegiate career at Michigan. Then, the former Wolverine found success with the New York Knicks and the Atlanta Hawks.

It's hard to understand why Hardaway isn't in the Naismith Memorial Basketball Hall of Fame when looking at all his accomplishments. The UTEP legend believes his past comments about gay people are the reason he isn't in.

From HoopsHype:

Well, you know, the reason I’m not in is because of what I said in 2007 about gay people. That’s why I’m not in right now, and I understand it. I hurt a lot of people’s feelings and it came off the wrong way and it was really bad of me to say that. Since then, I’ve turned a wrong into a right. My parents used to always tell me, “If you do something wrong, look it in the eye. Don’t back down from it and be scared of it. Go make it right and make people understand that you made a mistake.” And that’s what I did. I’m trying to do what’s right, supporting gay people and transgender people. I want people to understand [what they go through] and understand them as people."

Hardaway is a Hall of Fame finalist for the fifth time in his career.

We'll see if he finally gets in this time around.