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CJ McCollum Thinks Klay Thompson Will Eventually Leave The Warriors

CJ McCollum, the Portland Trail Blazers star guard, thinks Klay Thompson will eventually be the one to break up the Golden State Warriors 'big four.'

During last night's NBA Finals game, a 113-91 win for the Warriors, McCollum sent out a tweet suggesting that Thompson could eventually leave Golden State after winning another title.

Thompson has been cold throughout the playoffs offensively, and was held to six points last night as Kevin Durant and Steph Curry lit up the Cavaliers, but it isn't as if he didn't get his chances. Thompson was 3-for-16 from the field and 0-for-5 from three-point range.

We're not sure if McCollum has any inside info or, more likely, is just speculating. If one of Golden State's four superstars—Curry, Durant, Thomspon, and Draymond Green—is to leave, Thompson probably makes the most sense. Curry and Durant are both pretty indispensable players, while Green is a totally unique forward who allows for some of the more interesting and deadly lineups that the Dubs throw out there.

That isn't to say that Thompson isn't extremely valuable to Steve Kerr's team. On top of being a knockdown spot-up shooter, he is one of the best on-ball backcourt defenders in the NBA. However, his deal is up after the 2019 season, and there is definitely a chance that he'll want to cash in with a huge max deal and become the franchise player for another team as an unrestricted free agent.

That is a problem for the future, though. Warrior fans have at least a few more years with these four superstars, in all likelihood, and there's a good chance that Thompson decides to structure a future deal that allows him to stay in the Bay Area.