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Draymond Green Trolled LeBron James With His Shirt During Today's Warriors Parade

Draymond Green and his Arthur Shirt at the 2018 Warriors Championship Parade.

I certainly hope LeBron James finds a way to get himself on an NBA Finals contender this off-season, because his rivalry with the Golden State Warriors is very, very fun. The two sides have not exactly basked in their victories with all that much grace, and that is fine.

The latest shot comes courtesy of Warriors star forward and resident provocateur Draymond Green. It is pretty perfect on a number of levels.

Going back to the 2016 Finals, the Cavaliers' lone victory in the series, you may remember the Ultimate Warrior shirt he wore after the win.

James said that the Ultimate Warrior is his favorite wrestler, his choice of shirt was mostly coincidence, and he would have worn it even if the Cavaliers had lost that Game 7 that season, in an interview with Business Insider.

"That was the only one because all our bags were underneath the plane. So the only one I had was the Ultimate Warrior T-shirt that was packed in my travel luggage. And that’s what I put on. Everybody thinks it was set up that way, but it really wasn’t. It kind of worked out that way."

Obviously, no one actually believed that excuse. Either way, it was still a good troll. Earlier this year, James tapped into the cartoon world on Instagram. With the Cavaliers 4-6 through 10 games, and departed former teammate Kyrie Irving off to a hot start with the Celtics, he posted a meme of Arthur the Aardvark with a balled fist, which was popular at the time. Draymond Green has been amused by the Arthur meme all year. Back on Christmas, he wore Arthur sneakers for a big game against James and the Cavs. Today, he broke out another piece of Arthur gear: a shirt showing the famous cartoon aardvark's balled fist, featuring the Warriors' three championship rings.

That is just a great, great troll job. We expected nothing less from Draymond.