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Kevin Durant Tells ESPN He Won't Visit White House Because Of Donald Trump

He revealed his decision today.

If the Golden State Warriors are invited to the White House, at least one of the team's biggest stars won't be attending.

Kevin Durant told ESPN today that he won't visit the White House if his team goes, and the reason is because of his disapproval of President Donald Trump.

The Warriors have yet to be formally invited to the White House, though they will travel to D.C. to play the Wizards in February.

"Nah, I won't do that," said Durant, the 2017 NBA Finals MVP. "I don't respect who's in office right now."

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He expounded on why he will bypass the White House visit, a ritual for professional teams coming off of championship seasons.

"I don't agree with what he agrees with, so my voice is going to be heard by not doing that," said Durant, who said it wasn't an organizational decision. "That's just me personally, but if I know my guys well enough, they'll all agree with me."

Durant was born in D.C. and grew up in nearby Prince Georges County, Maryland.

A number of NBA players have spoken out against Trump recently, including LeBron James this week and Durant's teammate Steph Curry during the NBA season.

This is the boldest stance the soft-spoken Durant has taken.

"I just wanted to sit back and analyze everything and gather my thoughts," Durant said. "I wanted to say something immediately, but I definitely want to be the voice of where I come from and people who have come from my neighborhood and deal with oppression.

"I'm representing a lot of people. As far as what's going on in our country, for one as an athlete, you have to commend Colin Kaepernick, LeBron James, Carmelo Anthony, CP3 (Chris Paul), [and] Dwyane Wade for starting that conversation last year. Russell Westbrook also said something in his speech. A lot guys with platforms have drove the conversation in a good direction. And what's going on in Charlottesville, that was unfathomable."

To read the entire ESPN interview with Durant, click the link below.

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