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Did LeBron James Flop After Being Fouled By Draymond Green?

LeBron James might have flopped against Draymond Green.

Did LeBron James flop after being fouled by Draymond Green on Monday night?

It's fair to say that LeBron James and Draymond Green, after last year's NBA Finals, have a tenuous relationship. Monday night didn't help the cause.

During the second quarter, Green attempted to pick James' pocket on a fast break, but instead ran straight into him. James fell backwards and flailed his arms. Here's the play:

Many are accusing James of flopping - despite it clearly being a foul. Skip Bayless is one of them.

My take? It's clearly a foul, but LeBron may have exaggerated the impact of it a bit in the aftermath. So it's not a full-on flop in the true sense of the word.

Can we just fast-forward to Warriors vs. Cavs round three yet?