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Fans Upset With Pelicans Assistant For High-Fiving Steph Curry After Made 3-Pointer

New Orleans Pelicans assistant Darren Erman is getting criticized for a move he made on Tuesday night.

The Warriors knocked off the Pelicans on Tuesday night, 113-109, partially due to the fact that Steph Curry finished with 30 points on 11-of-23 shooting. Pelicans assistant Darren Erman is in a bit of hot water for being a bit too friendly with Curry too.

In the third quarter of the contest, Curry hit a contested 3-pointer from near the Pelicans' bench, then jokingly asked Erman for a high-five. Erman gave it to him. Check it out:

Erman, for those wondering, was part of Mark Jackson's staff at Golden State a few years back before being fired. So he knows Curry. Here's what Curry had to say about it after the game.

Fans don't really seem to care that Erman and Curry have a previous relationship. Some just think it's a bad look to high-five an opponent after he does something to hurt your team.

Will Erman be reprimanded? It remains to be seen. But fans certainly aren't thrilled with the situation.