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Photo: The Golden State Warriors' NBA Finals Cake Is Going Viral

A general view of the Golden State Warriors arena.

(Photo by Ezra Shaw/Getty Images)

The Golden State Warriors' third NBA championship in four years essentially clinched the team's status as a modern dynasty. The Warriors might not be done yet either.

To celebrate their latest accomplishment, the team apparently ordered an insanely ornate championship cake. It gives new meaning to the term "seven-layer cake."

Warriors Digital Initiatives Lead Daniel Brusilovsky tweeted out a picture of the confectionery creation this afternoon.

It is glorious.

There's a layer commemorating this year's title, a layer with team members' faces on it, a layer celebrating all three championships. That's only about half of the cake. Unreal. Apparently it is from Gala Bakery in San Lorenzo, according to Brusilovsky.

We're not sure what it looks like on the inside, but the outside is pretty daunting. We'd almost be afraid to cut into it.

It has to be delicious though. Anything that detailed and likely that expensive has to be good.