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Stephen A. Smith Picks Warriors To Win Finals, Will Try Not To Go 0-For-7

Stephen A. Smith made his NBA Finals prediction on First Take yesterday, and if history is any indication it was probably incorrect.

Stephen A. Smith's ability to incorrectly predict the winner of the NBA Finals is savant-like. Since 2011, he's picked the wrong team every single year. This year, he has yet another opportunity to make a fool of himself, and much to the horror of Golden State fans, he's picking the Warriors in seven games.

Check it out:

Death, Taxes and Stephen A. Smith making the wrong NBA Finals prediction.

Let's be real here, the Warriors are the overwhelming favorites to win the title, and according to FiveThirtyEight they have a 90 percent chance of winning the series, but it's still remarkable how bad Smith is at making his picks, especially when you look at the numbers.

There are only two possible outcomes for the NBA Finals. Either Team A wins or Team B wins. That amounts to a 50/50 decision if we eliminate all other factors like basketball knowledge. Assume we're simply picking a team name. The odds of getting it wrong six times in a row in that scenario are 1/64, or 1.6 percent. It's incredibly unlikely, but somehow he's done it.

Stephen A. might actually by better off flipping a coin to make his pick, because clearly whatever thought processes he's used in the past have failed him.

The Finals begin Thursday.