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This Controversial Story Going Viral About The Warriors Today Isn't True

Are the Golden State Warriors really skipping out on the White House?

Not right now they aren't, according to the team. Following last night's NBA Finals victory, there were reports that the Warriors had voted to skip the annual champions visit to the White House, whenever it will be.

It seemed like the reports all stemmed from a tweet this morning from New York Daily News writer Shaun King.

Here it is:

Now, Warriors head coach Steve Kerr, star point guard Stephen Curry and other players have been openly critical of President Donald Trump, so on the surface, the reports made some sense. However, they appear to be untrue. First, the San Francisco Chronicle's Connor Letourneau and USA TODAY's Jeff Zillgitt debunked that the Dubs were boycotting the White House.

Then, the Warriors confirmed themselves that they have yet to be invited or decide on what they are going to do.

This makes sense. After all, a team in the middle of celebrating a world championship diverting its attention to vote on something like that seems unlikely.

Our guess? Some Warriors won't make the trip, and maybe the group won't go altogether. But for now, there hasn't been any decision made.