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Watch: David West And Tristan Thompson Got Really Close During This Heated Scuffle

David West and Tristan Thompson get face-fo-face.

Things got chippy in the second quarter tonight.

It all started when Golden State Warriors reserve forward David West pulled down a rebound and got tangled up with Kyrie Irving.

West is not someone you want to mess with, and he did not take kindly to getting his arm linked up with Irving's.

An elbow was thrown, and then J.R. Smith and Tristan Thompson got involved.

But perhaps the most lasting image of this little brouhaha is West and Thompson going nose to nose and basically kissing each other as they got into it. It was hilarious.

West, Thompson and Smith all received technical fouls for their efforts.

As for the in-game action, the Warriors lead the Cavs 71-60 at halftime as they try to wrap up the NBA Finals in five games.