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Zaza Pachulia Says Social Media Threats Caused Him To Need Security At His Children's School

Golden State Warriors big man Zaza Pachulia has been dealing with a scary situation.

After his controversial closeout on the San Antonio Spurs' Kawhi Leonard in Game 1 of the Western Conference Finals, Zaza Pachulia has taken plenty of heat.

Many considered his maneuver a dirty one, and the sprained ankle Leonard suffered on the play has kept him out of the next two games of the series.

Spurs head coach Gregg Popovich blasted Pachulia, saying his play was akin to "manslaughter." In the aftermath of everything, Pachulia told USA TODAY he received so many threats to his family via social media that he had to put security in front of his children's school.

“I don’t blame everything on Pop, but what he said had a lot of influence (and) you had a lot of people where, unfortunately, you can’t control what everybody’s intelligence is,” Pachulia, who has an eight-year-old son, a seven-year-old son, and a four-year-old daughter with his wife, told USA TODAY Sports on Sunday. “(Fans) just hear the message, and it’s, ‘Ok, Pop said so and now let’s do this.’ It’s just wrong. You’ve got to think, and realize. Threaten me, but don’t threaten my wife or say something about my kids. It’s just wrong.

“Me as a person, as a man, I don’t mind dealing with it. But I hate to see my family deal with it. My wife and my kids who have nothing to do with it, who are very innocent. ... I just hate my family going through that. They don’t deserve that. … I’m not blaming everything on (Popovich), but he was a very big part of it.”

Yeah, this isn't cool.

Pachulia's technique deserved to be criticized and analyzed, but even if you think what he did was intentional and wrong, it doesn't give anyone the right to threaten his family.