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Here's The Text Message That Convinced Kevin Durant To Join The Warriors

Here's the text message Draymond Green sent Kevin Durant after the 2016 NBA Finals.

Maybe the most-important text message in this decade of the NBA was sent by Draymond Green after the 2016 Finals.

It was sent to Kevin Durant and it came right after Golden State's Game 7 loss to Cleveland.

It was the message that convinced the Oklahoma City Thunder star to leave the franchise and join the Warriors.

Sports Illustrated's Lee Jenkins has the details. Here's the message:

Green: See what we're missing. We need you. Make it happen.

Durant: I'm ready. Let's do this.

ESPN had previously reported that Green had called Durant right after the Game 7 loss. Durant denied that at a press conference last week. Apparently, that's because it wasn't a phone call, but a text message.

About a month later, Durant announced in a post for The Players' Tribune that he was joining the Warriors.

And a year after that, Durant and Green are celebrating their 2017 NBA championship.