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Austin Rivers Responds To Kyrie Irving's Concerns About Resuming The Season

Austin Rivers raising his arms.

NEW YORK, NEW YORK - JANUARY 23: Austin Rivers #25 of the Houston Rockets reacts after scoring during the fourth quarter of the game against the New York Knicks at Madison Square Garden on January 23, 2019 in New York City. (Photo by Sarah Stier/Getty Images)

Kyrie Irving has found himself in the headlines this weekend for his stance on the NBA's bubble plan. On Friday night, he was the leading voice in a conference call that included close to 100 players. His message to the players was that they could make a statement by not resuming the 2019-20 season.

Shortly after details from this conference call were leaked, Houston Rockets guard Austin Rivers shared his thoughts on Irving's concerns.

"Trying to find the correlation. Us coming back would be putting money in all of our (NBA players) pockets. With this money you could help out even more people and continue to give more importantly your time and energy towards the BLM movement," Rivers said.

Rivers also made it clear that he supports Irving, but believes the NBA can still raise awareness for social injustice while keeping the season alive in Orlando, Florida.

"I love Kyrie's passion towards helping this movement. It's admirable and and inspiring. I'm with it...but in the right way and not at the cost of the whole NBA and players' careers," Rivers wrote on Instagram. "We can do both. We can play and we can help change the way black lives are lived. I think we have too!"

You can check out the full reply from Rivers here:

This is a well thought-out response from Rivers, who clearly wants the NBA to resume the season in July.

Irving isn't a "bad guy" for his opinion on this matter. However, the All-Star guard has to realize that a lot of players want to finish the season out. And like Rivers said, the players could inspire the younger generation with their actions on the court.

As of now, the NBA doesn't have any plans to cancel the 2019-20 season. Hopefully the league can find a way to bring back basketball while also allowing players to shed light on an important topic in today's society.