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This Is Why The Rockets Think Carmelo Anthony Will Fit Well In Their Offense

carmelo anthony could join lebron on the lakers

He hasn't been bought out or traded by the Thunder yet, but the eventual Carmelo Anthony Rockets signing seems almost inevitable. A few other teams might be in contention, like the Heat and Lakers, but Houston is the favorite.

As of Friday, My Bookie had the Rockets at -200 to land 'Melo. The Heat and Lakers were tied for the second-best odds at +500 each.

New York Times NBA insider Marc Stein also has him "favored" to head to the Rockets, whenever he becomes available.

According to a report, both Carmelo and head coach Mike D'Antoni, who previously had a pretty poor run as New York Knicks, are both excited at the notion of him coming aboard. Still, there are very valid questions about how he fits in with a team that already has two ball-dominant players like James Harden and Chris Paul.

Last year, he played alongside Russell Westbrook. It was the most disappointing individual season of his career.

Yahoo!'s Jordan Schultz says that the team believes Chris Paul is key to Carmelo Anthony and the Rockets working.

He tweeted that Anthony's friendship with Paul could make it easier for him to buy into a role within the offense, vs. the high-usage player he has always been.

We'll have to see it to know for sure. Still, it seems unlikely that the Rockets would roll the dice on Anthony if they didn't think it would make the team better.

Last year, the Rockets took the Warriors to the brink in the Western Conference finals, but fell in seven games after being up in the series.

Last year's Melo definitely wouldn't be the piece that would get the Rockets over that hump. That piece probably doesn't exist. You can't blame the team for trying something, though.