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PJ Tucker Had Blunt Response To Question About Dennis Schroder

P.J. Tucker and Dennis Schroder get into it during the Houston Rockets win over the Oklahoma City Thunder in the NBA Playoffs


Game 5 of the Rockets-Thunder series was one of the most contentious by far. Oklahoma City guard Dennis Schroder and Houston forward PJ Tucker got into a skirmish that got both of them ejected during the 114-80 Rockets win.

Since then, Schroder has apologized for the confrontation with Tucker where he hit him in the groin. But Tucker doesn't appear to be buying what the Rockets guard is selling the public.

Speaking to the media, PJ Tucker was asked if he buys or accepts Dennis Schroder's apology. The former Texas star responded with an emphatic, "No." The Rockets star further noted that Schroder has not reached out to him since the incident.

Tucker responded to the groin strike from Schroder by lightly headbutting him in the back of the head. It's pretty clear from the footage that both of them acted intentionally against each other.

Groin hits have been a bit of a problem in this series. The Rockets reportedly want Chris Paul to be investigated for a groin strike on Ben McLemore in Game 3.

Ultimately it may be the Rockets with the last laugh. The two teams will be back at it on Monday for Game 6. Houston has the 3-2 lead, leaving Oklahoma City on the brink of elimination.

It's taken everything in the Thunder's arsenal just to keep pace with the Rockets and get those two wins. If they aren't perfect on Monday, PJ Tucker will be laughing all the way to the Conference Semifinals.