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Photos: Pacers Fan Who Went Viral In 'Last Dance' Has Been Identified

Pacers fan going viral in The Last Dance.

ESPN's The Last Dance, the 10-part documentary on Michael Jordan and the 1997-98 Chicago Bulls, produced several viral moments. Few - if any - were better than the screaming Indiana Pacers fan in Episode 9.

Episode 9 dove into the Bulls-Pacers Eastern Conference Finals series in 1998. The episode started with Bulls coach Phil Jackson talking about how tough the Indiana crowd was. We were then shown shots of several screaming Pacers fans, but one stood out.

"Pacers Karen" quickly became a viral meme on Twitter. Everyone was making the same joke about the blonde-haired, screaming fan.

The viral Indiana Pacers fan has since been identified. Her name isn't Karen, but Kathy. Dan Dakich had the fan, KathyMartin Harrison, on his ESPN Radio show on Monday. She's a local business owner and, of course, an avid Pacers fan.

Kathy revealed that she had great respect for Michael Jordan during those games. She said the Chicago Bulls star would mostly just shake his head and laugh at her screaming taunts.

The best back-and-forth was with Bulls forward Dennis Rodman, she said. That factoid is not surprising.

"Michael was totally cool. He'd look back at me and shake his head. But the biggest thing I had going on was with Rodman. Dennis Rodman and I battled back and forth," she told Dakich.

The Bulls beat the Pacers, 4-3, in the Eastern Conference Finals that year. Kathy was a mainstay at Pacers games and was later spotted behind the Lakers bench in the NBA Finals.

You can listen to Dan Dakich's full radio show here. The interview with Kathy is very much worth a listen.