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Instagram Post By Gordon Hayward's Wife Sparks Free Agency Rumors

Fans of one team were pretty excited when they saw this post.

Gordon Hayward's wife had Boston Celtics fans going crazy over the weekend.

Robyn Hayward posted a picture of one of the couple's daughters on Instagram. In the photo, the daughter was wearing a shirt with "Go Green" written above a four-leaf clover.

With Gordon Hayward set to be a free agent this summer, and the Celtics reportedly a possible destination, social media took the photo and ran with it.

It's since been deleted.

Robyn Hayward took to her Instagram story to say that the shirt is simply a St. Patrick's day shirt.

NBA free agency starts on July 1. The Miami Heat are also reportedly going to be a serious contender for the Utah Jazz' 27-year-old All-Star forward.