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J.J Redick Nearly Signed With Houston Over Philadelphia

The elite NBA shooter was nearly a Rocket.

J.J. Redick's decision to sign with Philadelphia was one of the most-surprising of the NBA's offseason.

The former Los Angeles Clippers' sharpshooter signed a one-year, $23 million deal with the Sixers.

Redick almost signed with a Western Conference contender, though.

From Hoops Hype:

“They offered four [years] and then they went three. Daryl [Morey] always has a million things going on, like in A Beautiful Mind with all of the stuff written on the chalkboard. I’m sure he had four or five deals out there [he was working on]. The day before free agency, I thought it was a four-year deal. Chris Pauland I talked for about 30 minutes the night before free agency started. I wanted to go there.

“[It didn’t work out] – some of it was numbers and some of it was other factors like relocating the family and – I hate to say this – but you never know with Daryl and how he operates. A three-year deal could really be a six-month deal if you get dealt at the trade deadline for a superstar as part of a package of six.”

Pairing Redick with Chris Paul and James Harden would've made quite the backcourt in Houston.

It'll still be fun watching him play in Philadelphia, though.