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JaVale McGee And Shaq Are Beefing Again And It's Hilarious

Shaquille O'Neal and JaVale McGee are beefing.


Shaq once gain roasted JaVale McGee on Inside The NBA, and McGee decided to clap back with some fire tweets.

JaVale McGee and Shaq have had beef for a while now. McGee is a goofy player who has tendency to do dumb and hilarious things on the basketball court, and Shaq loves nothing more than to pick on the guy on during his Inside The NBA segment called "Shaqtin' A Fool." And last night, the beef escalated to a whole new level.

It appeared that Shaq was going to lay off McGee at first. He said he wouldn't make fun of him the rest of the season if he managed to not make an ass of himself on the court for two weeks— a peace treaty, if you will.


Then, he unveiled this hilarious Dr. Strange parody, which I don't really understand at all, but still makes me laugh out loud.



So McGee, presumably fed up with, ya know, getting roasted on a weekly basis, logged onto Twitter and fired off some tweets directly at Shaq.

Everything about the exchange is hilarious, but the "kick rocks you old bastard" line from McGee is my favorite. I honestly hope they have beef forever.