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Johnny Manziel Shares Admission About Strip Club Lou Williams Visited

Johnny Manziel warming up before a Browns game.

CLEVELAND, OH - DECEMBER 13: Quarterback Johnny Manziel #2 of the Cleveland Browns warms up prior to the game against the San Francisco 49ers during the first half at FirstEnergy Stadium on December 13, 2015 in Cleveland, Ohio. (Photo by Jason Miller/Getty Images)

Former NFL quarterback and college football star Johnny Manziel is backing up Lou Williams' Magic City claim.

The NBA shooting guard is on a 10-day quarantine after he was spotted at the Atlanta strip club while away from the Disney World bubble. Williams left the bubble to deal with a family matter and was spotted at Magic City in Atlanta.

Williams reportedly told the NBA that he visited the strip club to pick up dinner. That's a questionable excuse, but not to those familiar with Magic City.

Manziel said the chicken wings at the Atlanta adult entertainment venue are incredible.

"Believe it or not, the chicken wings at Magic City are the best I’ve ever had," Manziel said on Twitter.

Willliams has previously called Magic City his favorite restaurant. He goes there so much, one of the chicken wing sauces is named after him.

A food review of Magic City has since gone viral on social media, too. From

“But y’all. The reason why I came here. The wings. Those mother clucking wings delivered to you by gods on the other side of a tiny little window. Pro tip: bring cash only or else you’re starving. Card will get you nowhere here. I entered nirvana when I hit into the first wing. I could hear the deafening crispy crunch over the loud music and conversation. It just became me and the chicken wing, and no one else was around. The perfect amount of sauce so you weren’t begging for napkins. Oh y’all. The right amount of salt so you weren’t done after just two. The medium wings had just the right amount of heat that you weren’t sucking in your mouth. Paired with a cold beer or drink to cleanse your mouth before the next bite; it was perfection. And the fries are my favorite type! Basically steak fries; little golden pillows of heaven. They were so good, we ordered another box. Now it COULD HAVE been the alcohol tasting this food and who knows if I’ll feel the same way about those wings when I’m sober. But I’d like to think it’s the part of the magic of Magic City that made those wings taste so damn good,” the review reads.

Hopefully the chicken wings were worth it for Williams. The Clippers guard will have to miss his team's first two games of the NBA restart this week.

The Clippers are scheduled to open the restart on Thursday night against the Lakers.