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Kendrick Perkins Going Viral For Wild NBA Draft Player Comparisons

Kendrick Perkins rips Boston Celtics coach Brad Stevens on ESPN's First Take.


ESPN covering the NBA Draft means it is once again time for Kendrick Perkins to go viral.

Perkins is dropping player comparisons for almost every player selected tonight, and let's just say, he's not earning a lot of rave reviews for them.

Some of the comps are peculiar, while others have been downright wild.

"Mostly here for the Kendrick Perkins player comparisons, better than any stand-up set on Netflix," said Sports Illustrated's Kevin Sweeney.

"Kendrick Perkins giving out insane comps lmao," wrote Underdog Fantasy's Charles McDonald. "It's okay to say you don't watch basketball Perk. I don't either."

Perkins even misidentified a player from Duke, saying Jalen when we think he meant wing A.J. Griffin. 

We've interviewed Perkins here at The Spun before, and he is a genuinely good dude. However, that's not going to stop him from getting clowned a little on Twitter tonight.

We've still got more than half of the first round, plus the second round left to go at the Barclays Center.

Let's see what Perk can come up with over the next few hours.