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Gary Parrish Perfectly Sums Up Why The New Kevin Durant Nike Commercial Is Dumb

A screenshot of Kevin Durant's new Nike commercial.

Basketball Twitter didn't really buy the premise of Kevin Durant's new Nike commercial.

Last night, Kevin Durant became a world champion and a Finals MVP, and shortly after his coronation became official, Nike released a new ad featuring Kevin Durant and his Haters titled "Debate This." Check it out:

It's a pretty cool commercial at face value, but it's not very accurate in telling the story of Kevin Durant—at all. CBS Sports' Gary Parrish weighed in on it this morning:

Others on Twitter found the commercial a little excessive as well:

Like the good people of Twitter hinted at above, Kevin Durant was never an underdog—quite the contrary. The ESPN draft analysis from 2007 called Durant "the most talented prospect in the draft," while adding, "he has it all: size, athleticism and a beautiful jump shot." And come on now, was there really any debate how the Warriors would fare this season, a 73-win team adding one of the top three players in the league? No one with a brain ever doubted Durant's ability from the moment he entered the league, but that narrative doesn't market as well, I suppose.