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Kevin Durant And Russell Westbrook Are Apparently 'Buddies' Again According To Paul George

Kevin Durant and Russell Westbrook are finally on good terms.

After Kevin Durant left Russell Westbrook behind in Oklahoma City during free agency last summer, opting for greener pastures with the Golden State Warriors, it seemed like nothing would be able to repair their damaged friendship.

But according to ESPN's Adrian Wojnarowski via the Oklahoman, things are a little better now. The news came from no one other than Paul George, who was traded to the Thunder less than a month ago.

“Whatever went between [Durant] and Russ, that’s their business," George said. "It’s not my point to want to know or want to figure out what happened. It’s pointless. They are buddies, they are back good again. I’m here to build something different and something special.”

Westbrook was reportedly "angry and hurt" when Durant left following their eight-year partnership in Oklahoma—not only because he left—but also because he didn't call or text Westbrook to inform him directly of the decision. Westbrook found out after the fact just like the rest of us.

Looks like they've finally—at least partially—buried the hatchet.

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