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Kobe Cites Cold Weather As Reason For Melo To Leave Knicks

Could Kobe and Melo team up in LA?

Carmelo Anthony has a chance to hit free agency after the season, and following his record-breaking 62 point performance on Friday night, his future has become an even bigger talking point than it already was. While a return to the Knicks seems likely, one of the other teams that is often brought up is the Lakers.

Los Angeles is currently taking on Melo's Knicks, and Kobe Bryant was asked about the prospect of Melo joining him in LA:

Kobe just signed a massive extension with the Lakers, so it's interesting to see what type of team they could build around he and Melo, if the team was able to reel in the All-Star forward. One of the records that Anthony broke on Friday was Kobe's for the most points in a game at the current Madison Square Garden, so Bryant was sure to call and congratulate him after the game:

If Kobe and Melo teamed up, they may need to find a way to get a few more basketballs on the court during Laker games.