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Report: LaVar Ball Turned Down $10 Million Shoe Deals For Lonzo

LaVar Ball appears on ESPN's SportsCenter.

Lonzo Ball could have had at least $10 million over the next five years from one of the big shoe companies. Instead, he's rolling with his father LaVar Ball's Big Baller Brand.

ESPN sports business reporter Darren Rovell joined TheDan Patrick Show today, and revealed the details about what Lonzo Ball was looking at on the market.

"It's strange to me that LaVar didn't at least fold some of his cards and go back to the shoe companies in earnest. The original deals that Nike, adidas, and Under Armour were going to offer would be five years, $10 million. $2 million a year. After the Lakers thing goes down and the perfect scenario is going to unfold, the new deal might be five years and $20 million, just by virtue of what happens on May 16, the night of the lottery... But what does LaVar Ball do? Instead of saying he now wants $1 billion, he now wants $3 billion."

The full interview, which opens with Tiger Woods discussion before transitioning into the Ball bit:

Of course, if it works out, LaVar Ball looks like a genius. The ceiling is way higher for him with Big Baller Brand than one of the three big companies. However, the floor may be below the basement, and sales haven't exactly been crazy so far. If Lonzo doesn't become a superstar, this may wind up being a bigger 'L' for Ball than his AAU team suffered the other night.

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