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LeBron James And The Cavaliers Swear By This Exercise Machine

Tristan Thompson works out in a weight room.


Here's the most important workout machine that LeBron James and the Cavaliers use to keep in shape.

For an average person, the gym can be overwhelming. There are seemingly hundreds of different machines, all designed for a specific purpose or muscle group. It can be hard to choose which ones are worthwhile and which are a waste of time, but for LeBron James and the Cleveland Cavaliers, one exercise machine stands above all of the rest: the VersaClimber.

"If I could only have one piece of equipment to train with for the rest of my life," James says told ESPN's Dave McMenamin, "this would be it."

What exactly is the VersaClimber, though?

See for yourself:

James discovered the machine during his third year in the league, and he's included it in his workouts ever since. A total-body and non-impact workout, the VersaClimber is preferred by both the players and the training staff because of the complete immersion it requires without the pounding of, say, a treadmill.

James' personal trainer, Mike Macias, explains, per ESPN:

"We've been doing it for a long, long time...and the reason we do it is to conserve. No pounding on the joints. No wear on his back, his knees, his ankles, all that, his hips. It's just all non-weight-bearing cardio. It was a godsend, really. And I have to, we need to thank our ex-strength coach Stan Kellers, who kind of guided us to start using that. And Stan Kellers is a legend for it."

And while it's one of the best workouts you can get, it doesn't come without a physical price: It flat out sucks to use, and players love to hate it.

"Probably last year and the year before, I've kind of fallen in love with how quickly you can get in shape with the VersaClimber," Kyrie Irving told ESPN. "It's just exertion of your full body, of everything, and then the mental part of just putting your body through high physical exertion; I love it.

"And as a team, I think guys love it, as well. If you do even two minutes or three minutes, it's comparable to a lot of the conditioning things you would use to get in shape. Literally, you could do that for about three days and it will make a world of difference. And I love it. But it's made for the strong, though. It's made for the strong."

James, 32, has suffered no major injuries during his NBA career while still logging over 50,000 minutes.

His sustained success on the court over the past decade has been a sight to behold, and part of that, he might just owe to the VersaClimber.