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Watch: Lonzo Ball Explains Why He Wore Kobe ADs Last Night

Lonzo Ball didn't wear his signature shoes last night, and he explained why after the game.

Lakers rookie Lonzo Ball took everyone by surprise during last night's Summer League game against the 76ers when he came out in Kobe ADs and not his Big Baller Brand sneakers—the ZO2s.

The wardrobe change seemed to work out pretty well, as Ball notched a double-double in the 103-102 win that included a 36-point explosion to go along with 11 assists and eight rebounds. He was sublime, to say the least, and looked every bit like the savior of the Lakers he's been advertised as.

But we gotta ask, why exactly did he make the shoe change when the Big Baller Brand has been synonymous with the young star?

Ball explained in an interview after the game:

"At BBB you can wear whatever you want, I already played in both my shoes, so might as well get the 'Mamba Mentality' going," Ball said on SportsCenter, with the "Mamba Mentality" being an obvious reference to Kobe Bryant—the Black Mamba— and his ruthless mentality.

After his performance last night, it seems like he might as well stick with the Kobe sneakers from now on. They seem to be working.