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Look: Blockbuster Nets-Lakers Trade Idea Has Been Floated

Brooklyn Nets point guard Ben Simmons on the bench.

NEW YORK, NEW YORK - FEBRUARY 14: Ben Simmons of the Brooklyn Nets speaks with Patty Mills #8 on the bench during the game against the Sacramento Kings at Barclays Center on February 14, 2022 in New York City. (Photo by Steven Ryan/Getty Images)

The Brooklyn Nets and Los Angeles Lakers were billed as "superteams" heading into this past season. Both squads experienced a failure to launch.

The Nets were eliminated in the first round of the playoffs, while the Lakers didn't even reach the play-in tournament. Now, there's endless speculation about how each team can retool on the fly.

FS1's Nick Wright has a bold (crazy?) idea that he proposed on First Things First earlier today. He thinks LA should trade Russell Westbrook and Anthony Davis to Brooklyn for Ben Simmons and Kyrie Irving.

"The best player in the trade goes to the Nets and the worst player in the trade goes to the Nets," Wright said. "Kyrie is a question mark. Ben Simmons is a question mark. Russ isn't a question mark at this point. He's just a wrong answer.

"If you're the Lakers, Ben Simmons can play center and LeBron and Kyrie are reunited. If you're the Nets, and you want to see if it can work with Russ, if there's any team that has enough shooting, it's a team that has Seth [Curry], Joe Harris, Patty Mills and Kevin Durant. If it doesn't work, you can buy him out midway through the year or just let the contract expire."

This is peak offseason content, and Wright is correct that both teams needs to "shake the damn snow globe" and rearrange their roster construction.

However, the likelihood of such a high-profile trade being pulled off seems slim. There's a chance that any of these guys will be moved in the coming weeks, but all in the same trade for each other?

Doesn't seem likely.