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Look: NBA World Reacts To Gordon Hayward Wife Video

BOSTON, MA - SEPTEMBER 13: Boston Celtics' Gordon Hayward smiles in uniform with his wife Robyn, left, during a photo shoot after meeting with the media at the team's practice facility in the Brighton neighborhood of Boston to give an update on his condition as he comes back from the left ankle/foot injury he suffered during last season's opening game in Cleveland on Sep. 13, 2018. (Photo by Jim Davis/The Boston Globe via Getty Images)

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The wife of Charlotte Hornets star Gordon Hayward went viral on social media for her cold tub attempt this week.

Robyn Hayward, the wife of the NBA star, went viral on social media when she attempted to get in the cold tub used by the Charlotte Hornets forward.

It did not go very well.

Robyn Hayward lasted just eight seconds in the cold tub, to the disbelief of her husband, who seemed embarrassed by the effort.

Video of the attempt has gone viral.

Many seem to be on Robyn's side, though.

"nah, that’s different lmao I know some athletes and others that can’t top your 8 sec. Wear that proudly," one fan wrote.

"This is hysterical!!" one fan added.

""8 seconds that's pathetic" 😂😂 tell him never to be a coach 😂🤣," another fan suggested.

"good job for trying!! Love how authentic you both are!" another fan wrote.

Gordon Hayward wife cold tub video goes viral.


Gordon Hayward's wife using the cold tub.

Cold tubs are no joke, so you have to at least respect the effort to get in one by Robyn.