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Big Baller Brand Receives 'F' From The Better Business Bureau

LaVar Ball appears on ESPN's SportsCenter.

Big Baller Brand is apparently not a big baller when it comes to serving its customers.

While LaVar Ball guides his two youngest sons through their transition into Lithuanian professional basketball, his family business back home, Big Baller Brand, got some bad news this afternoon.

The Better Business Bureau, started as a non-profit to protect and guide consumers, rated Big Baller Brand as an 'F,' lambasting the burgeoning sneaker company, which charged eye-popping prices for shoes that weren't released until months later. The Better Business Bureau site has 44 total negative reviews against Big Baller Brand, with no positive or neutral reviews logged. There are also 33 complaints on file.

TMZ spoke to a Better Business Bureau representative, who cautions against buying from LaVar Ball's company:

Blair Looney, CEO of Better Bus. Bureau Central CA, tells TMZ Sports consumers should be very careful when considering making a Big Baller purchase.

"This is very definitely substandard normal business practices for anybody."

"As a result of the repeat pattern of complaints, the volume of complaints, Big Baller now has an F rating with the BBB, which is the lowest rating possible in the BBB system."

One of the more colorful complaints logged against the company alleges that a representative called a consumer a "small baller" when he complained about a pair of sneakers being six weeks late.

This company does not offer refunds. I purchased 2 items and was told there would be a 1-2 week delay. I have been waiting 6 weeks now, and when I asked why it was taking so long, I was called a "small baller". At this point I believe they have decided to steal my money.

A number of other customers have voiced similar concerns, and the word "scam" is thrown around a lot in these reviews.

Before he tries to start a coaching coup against Luke Walton, or launches his own basketball league, Ball may want to make sure his first-ever customers have received their sneakers.

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