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James Worthy Rips Today's Players: NBA World Reacts

Lakers legend James Worthy speaks to LeBron James at the team's media day.

EL SEGUNDO, CA - SEPTEMBER 24: LeBron James, right, and James Worthy talk during a television interview during media day at the Los Angeles Lakers training facility in El Segundo on Monday, Sep. 24, 2018. (Photo by Scott Varley/Digital First Media/Torrance Daily Breeze via Getty Images)

Judging by his recent comments, James Worthy is probably not enjoying the NBA playoffs this year. 

While on the "Stoney & Jansen Show," Worthy made his stance on today's NBA players very clear. He believes far too many players are reliant on 3-pointers. 

"All they do is practice threes, lift weights, get tattoos, tweet and go on social media. That’s it," Worthy said, via Audacy. "So you don’t have that sound player; you have an athletic player. And that’s what’s happening to the game. It’s a lot of ISO and looking for mismatches."

Some fans agree with Worthy's rant about current players. 

On the flip side, others think he should've kept his rant exclusively about basketball. 

As for Worthy's take on players strictly shooting 3-pointers, this isn't the first time a former player has complained about this topic. 

Worthy, a seven-time All-Star and three-time NBA champion, certainly knows a lot about basketball. However, he probably has to accept that the game has drastically changed. 

NBA teams will continue to shoot 3-pointers at a high clip, and that's mostly because players have absurd range.