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Lakers Hire Kim Kardashian's Personal Trainer As Director Of Strength And Conditioning

Kim Kardashian is no stranger to famous athletes, and now, her personal trainer won't be either. Gunnar Peterson, who works with the socialite, has been hired by the Los Angeles Lakers.

The Lakers announced the hire this afternoon, outlining his non-Kardashian credentials.

“From his time in college at Duke University until now, Gunnar has pursued excellence in training and fitness,” said General Manager Rob Pelinka. “Gunnar is a true pioneer and visionary at his craft, and will bring a new mentality to our weight room which we are all very excited about. Since Magic and I have worked with Gunnar in the past, we have a strong relationship with him, which makes working together now feel seamless.”

They left out his status as, in the words of TMZ, Kardashian's "ass guru." He has also worked with a number of other huge Hollywood stars, according to the gossip site.

Kim ain't the only famous client Gunnar has trained. He's worked with The Rock, Khloe Kardashian, Kate Beckinsale, Ciara, Antonio Brown, and Russell Wilson ... to name a few.

The Lakers might want to promote the work with Brown, Wilson, and The Rock a bit more. Still, this is a very Los Angeles hire by the city's most iconic franchise.

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