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Footage Of Lavar Ball Playing Basketball Released

LaVar Ball backs a guy down in a game of one-on-one.

LaVar Ball speaks a big game about his game on the court. There has been little evidence of it, though.

We know he had a brief, incredibly unspectacular career at Washington State. We've seen some very iffy footage from a rec league game back in 2002.

An old picture shows that LaVar was kind of a beast, physically, back in the day. That doesn't mean he could really hoop though.

A new video is out of LaVar Ball playing one-on-one, and it is not very impressive.

In the short clip, he grabs a rebound, backs his opponent all the way down to the hoop, and throws a layup almost directly in the air like an elementary schooler playing on a 10-foot rim.

Later in the clip, he hits a shot from deep and celebrates an apparent victory. That doesn't erase the horrendous layup, which barely grazed the backboard way off to the right of the rim, though.

So yeah, he's probably not beating Michael Jordan, in this or any decade (or universe).

This has been an up-and-down summer for Ball. On the bright side, his son gets to play with LeBron James, which is pretty cool.

The JBA has proven to be a bit of a mess though. Early on in the league season, it made headlines for all the wrong reasons, when a coach was caught shoving and berating one of his players on the sideline.

Along with the allegation that his JBA is (unsurprisingly) stiffing talent, and having them pay for their own travel to games, and it isn't the best news cycle for the Big Baller.