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LaVar Ball Is Already Taking Shots At One Of Lonzo's New Lakers Teammates

LaVar Ball shoots money into a crowd in a music video.

If anything, LaVar Ball's reaction to LeBron James signing with the Lakers was reserved... for him. He actually referred to LeBron as "the best player in the game," while predicting championships.

LeBron coming to the Lakers can really only help Lonzo Ball, as long as he remains on the roster. The pass-first guard now has one of the greatest players ever to dish to, so his father's excitement is understandable.

His reaction to the subsequent signing of point guard Rajon Rondo was less glowing. Rondo is joining the team as a veteran presence, but it also means he could eat into Lonzo's playing time a bit.

The two players are actually quite similar, given their length, defensive prowess, passing ability, and lack of outside jumper.

On Tuesday night, CNN's Chris Cuomo had LaVar Ball on his show once again, and asked what the Rajon Rondo signing might mean for Lonzo.

As you can imagine LaVar was very dismissive.

Ball supporting his son, or dismissing another player, is about as unsurprising as it gets. However, calling Rondo, an NBA Champion and four-time All-Star, a "little back-up," is not likely to go over well.

Ball's comments on Rondo, via TBL:

“That don’t mean nothing,” Ball said. “Just got another teammate. Another teammate, that’s all. A little backup, that’s good. I never worry about competition because I know my boys are better than that.”

The comments are made even more interesting based on what we've recently heard from ESPN's Adrian Wojnarowski. On a recent edition of SportsCenter, he said that the Rondo signing is a "message" to Lonzo and the Ball camp after it leaked his knee injury recently.

Lonzo Ball tore his meniscus, which will require surgery. He should be good to go in time for the season, but the news being leaked makes it much harder to include him in a hypothetical trade for a superstar like Kawhi Leonard. There have been plenty of theories about that being the exact reason for the leak.