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LeBron James Trolled President Trump During Last Night's Debate

A split screen of LeBron James and Donald Trump.

President Donald Trump and former Vice President Joe Biden had their final Presidential Debate last night, ahead of the Nov. 3 election. NBA Champion LeBron James was tuned in.

There is no love lost between the president and the Los Angeles Lakers star. Before his career in politics, Trump was very complimentary of James. However, in recent years he's blasted the league's open embrace of its athletes' social activism, of which James is an active participant.

In 2016, the former Cleveland Cavaliers star and Ohio native campaigned for Hillary Clinton in the state. This year, he's pretty openly supporting Biden. Unlike the first debate, Biden resisted calling Trump a "clown" during last night's debate, which was generally more calm than the first. LeBron picked up the slack for him.

He posted an Instagram story during the debate, putting a clown emoji over the president's head with the message "Please Vote." LeBron James' "More Than A Vote" campaign has worked to make voting in this year's election safer and more accessible, especially for those in Black communities around the country.

Earlier this month during a radio interview, Donald Trump called James "a good basketball player," but blasted him for his support of the Democratic Party. He has also regularly taken aim at the NBA's poor television ratings in 2020, which he attributes to political messaging by the league and its players.

LeBron James has never shied away from political discussions that he feels passionate about. It wouldn't surprise to see him ramp up involvement in this year's election even further, now that the 2019-20 NBA season is finally over, and with the election already underway, thanks to widespread mail-in and early voting. Ohio and Florida, two of the three states that he has played and won NBA titles in, are both major battlegrounds once again, and could help swing the entire election.