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Chris Paul, Dwyane Wade, Steph Curry All Just Praised LeBron James For What He Did Today

LeBron James speaks at the opening of the I Promise School in Akron.

Earlier this month, LeBron James made the decision to head to the Los Angeles Lakers. However, he would almost definitely tell you that today was the biggest of his summer.

James officially opened his foundation's I Promise School in his hometown of Akron. The school will serve two grades this year, and continue to expand.

Athletes have gotten involved with education in their hometowns before. It is far more common for them to get involved with charter schools, which can be a very worthy endeavor, of course.

James chose to open a true public school, focused on at-risk youths in Akron. With every detail that comes out, it becomes more and more impressive.

More on the school, from ESPN:

The I Promise School has a longer school day and longer school year. More than 40 staff members will attempt to accelerate the development of children who qualify for the program based on performance and socioeconomic factors.

For those who complete the program, which has been operating for years, James has arranged for free tuition to the University of Akron starting in 2021. He also created a program for parents of the at-risk children to return to complete their high school educations, and he has planned an institute to help prepare high-school-age students for college.

In all, James and his foundation leaders hope that more than 1,200 children will pass through the program and into college by 2029.

What LeBron James has done with the I Promise School is incredible, and his NBA superstar peers have been supporting him today.

A number of other top players have tweeted about the school's opening today, including his former teammate Dwyane Wade, friend Chris Paul, and rival Steph Curry.

A number of other NBA players have chimed in as well:

It has been said numerous times by plenty of people, but LeBron is as impressive off the court as he is on it.