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Giant 13-Year Old Teammate Of LeBron James Jr. Is Going Viral

LeBron James next to a 6-foot-8 7th grader.

LeBron James Jr. has about as much attention paid to his career as any 13-year old AAU player. On Friday, the internet took notice of one of his teammates: Jahzare Jackson.

Bronny Jr. already has reported offers from schools like Duke and Kentucky, even though he's years away from potentially playing college ball.

There is also some thought that if the one-and-done rule is done away with, he could make a jump right to the league, to potentially play with his father at the end of his career. That would certainly be cool.

He probably won't be the only member of his North Coast Blue Chips AAU team to get recruited. Jackson is turning heads for his ridiculous size. Take a look at this video, where he is next to LeBron Sr.

Jahzare Jackson may turn out to be a two-sport recruit, as he is also on college radars for football.

Right now, he is reportedly between 6-foot-7 and 6-foot-9. If he stays at the lower end of that range, perhaps football is the move. If he continues to grow, it will be hard to keep him off the basketball court.

The 7th grader already has a highlight film circulating. Playing with LeBron Jr. certainly has its benefits.

It is impossible to know how much more Jackson will grow, or how refined his game will become as he starts to play more players close to his size.

Right now though, I don't see how anyone deals with him in the paint, with other players that age.