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Stephen A. Smith: LeBron James Reached Out To Kevin Durant About Joining Lakers

LeBron James of the Cleveland Cavaliers stands on the court during their game against the Golden State Warriors.

OAKLAND, CA - JANUARY 16: LeBron James #23 of the Cleveland Cavaliers stands on the court during their game against the Golden State Warriors at ORACLE Arena on January 16, 2017 in Oakland, California. (Photo by Ezra Shaw/Getty Images)

LeBron James may head to the Los Angeles Lakers, and if he does, it will likely be with at least one more superstar. Paul George and Kawhi Leonard are the two names most often floated, but according to ESPN's Stephen A. Smith, LeBron is shooting even higher: Kevin Durant.

Moments ago on this morning's episode of First Take, Smith dropped a bombshell about the efforts that James is making to build a new super team.

According to Smith's sources, James reached out to Golden State Warriors superstar Kevin Durant about a possible move down the highway to Los Angeles, to join him on his quest for titles.

That would obviously be a slam dunk for LeBron, in his quest to beat the Warriors. Taking Durant away would strip the team of its most talented, if not most important, piece.

Stephen A. Smith revealed this big LeBron James, Kevin Durant news today:

Of course, that doesn't mean KD has any intention of joining LeBron James in Los Angeles. From Stephen A.'s report:

"But as it pertains to LeBron James and L.A., we know that the reports have been that he's been making some phone calls, or what have you. I got two phone calls last night after hours, with folks telling me that LeBron James reached out to Kevin Durant...

Well LeBron James reached out to Kevin Durant via text from what I'm told, about coming to Los Angeles. I don't know what Kevin Durant's response to him was, that is not the information that I got, but I will tell you what I did hear, is that behind the scenes Kevin Durant was like "Why would I do that? As far as I'm concerned LeBron James is a big time player but the way I look at it I should be perceived as the best in the world. I'm the reigning two-time champion, I'm the reigning two-time NBA Finals MVP, why would I think about doing something like that?"

There are already questions about how truly legacy-building Durant's Warriors titles are, considering he joined up with an established champion. Joining James, rather than beating him on an annual basis, would have a similar impact.

"He intends to surpass LeBron James. His whole thing is not to join and help LeBron James get some more rings, even if he's getting them with LeBron. His goal is to surpass LeBron James. He believes in the next couple of years that he'll have more rings than LeBron James has."

So it doesn't seem like there is any real chance of this happening. Durant has publicly stated that he intends to resign with the Warriors this off-season. Still, the news that James has reached out to Durant at all is pretty surprising.