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Current Laker, Former LeBron Teammate On Instagram: 'He's Def Coming To LA'

LeBron James announces his free agency decision in 2010.

Everyone is openly speculating as to where LeBron James will head in free agency, including current NBA players. Since long before this past season was over, the two favorites have been his current team—the Cleveland Cavaliers—and the Los Angeles Lakers.

An off-season rarely goes by without James or his team making a huge move. Last season, the Cavaliers had to deal with Kyrie Irving forcing a trade, not unlike what Kawhi Leonard is doing with the San Antonio Spurs right now.

He was eventually dealt to the Boston Celtics, in exchange for a package that included fan-favorite all-star Isaiah Thomas, and the No. 8 pick, which wound up being Alabama point guard Collin Sexton.

That trade didn't exactly work out, due in part to Thomas' prolonged recovery from injury, and he wound up being sent to Los Angeles, to the same team that is favored by many to land James.

The relationship between LeBron James and Isaiah Thomas is probably not great as a result, but the guard still thinks LeBron is coming to his new team.

A few days ago, rapper and famous Angeleno Snoop Dogg posted a picture of LeBron to Instagram, with the basketball superstar putting on Chuck Taylor sneakers. Snoop thinks this is a sign that LeBron is coming to his hometown.

Thomas commented on the post, with "He's def coming to la lol."

Isaiah Thomas comments on a Snoop Dogg Instagram post about LeBron  James.

Of course, he is probably kidding around. Still, it is interesting to see IT weighing in at all.

After the trade, FS1's Chris Broussard said there was no love lost between the two. James would allegedly "talk down to" Thomas during his short stint as a Cavalier.

There is no guarantee that the two play together, even if LeBron heads to L.A. either. Thomas is an unrestricted free agent, and while he is not expected to get a massive deal, if LeBron doesn't want him as a role player to round out the roster, he won't be there.